The participants in the charity project No Finish Line will during five days support the building of a unique therapeutic playground for children who are approaching the most arduous diagnostic examinations. As a part of this playground there are true models of CT and MR therapeutic devices which will help the smallest patients to deal with the fear of the unknown.

National Institute of Childhood Diseases starts a new approach towards little patients which includes also new kind of communication – the so called therapeutic communication. The aim of this type of communication is to eliminate negative factors, which influence little patients by the moment of hospitalization. The parents of these children experience just as much mental stress.

The mock-ups are true copies of diagnostic devices that children are afraid of and for this reason they have to be narcotized before examinations which are painless however they have negative impact on the psyche. Kids are especially afraid of the noise of the tunnel in which they must lie motionless. Because of the fact that children get familiar with the mock-ups, which produce identical nice and simulate identically the examination, they will not realize any difference between the mock-ups and the real devices.

In the Netherlands after opening of such kind of playground the number of narcotized children was reduced by 40%. And this is a big success and benefit for little patients.

A part of this playground is a big medical – educative game room where mock-ups of human bodies are exhibited. Children will be educated on them what to expect, why they are in hospital, what kind of operation awaits them or how their body works.