Instructions and basic information 
Main organizer: Children & Future Bratislava, n.o. 
Term: 05. – 08. November 2020
Place: whole world
Time of event: 05.11.2020 from 00:01 AM – 8.11.2020 until 23:59 PM.
Time limit: illimitable
Participants limit: illimitable


How do you sign up for No Finish Line Run 2020?
1. Download the iWatt app to your phone
2. Register and log in to the application
3. Choose one of the projects you want to support and log in as its supporter.
4. You will be able to log in from 2.11.2020 to 8.11.2020 (ie until the end of the whole run).

How will the run go?
1. Turn on the app to measure your movement
2. Go through or run min. 1 kilometer
3. In iWatt, click the "+" button and then "Sync Activities"
4. All kilometers you have covered or run will be credited by iWatt to the total mileage of No Finish Line Run 2020 and also to the account of the entity you support.

Terms of use of the application:
1. Each kilometer run by the registered runners shall be converted into euros at a ratio of 1 km = 1 euro.
2. The maximum remuneration that an entity may receive is € 30,000.
3. Only 1 entity can win the prize.
4. If the final number of kilometers run by the participants of the event is less than 30 000, the winning entity will receive a reward equal to the number of kilometers actually run.
5. If the participants run more than 30,000 kilometers in total, the maximum prize for the winning entity remains € 30,000. However, all kilometers continue to be allocated to clubs and may decide that this entity will receive a reward.

Rules for event participants:
1. Only a registered iWatt user can participate in the virtual run / event.
2. To participate in the virtual run, the iWatt user must log in to one of the selected entities and agree to the terms of the event.
3. The mileage run or covered by the event participant will only be credited to the subject's account if the Synchronization of activities from third party applications (Google Fit, Diet, Garmin Connect, Apple Health) takes place or if the activity was measured directly via the iWatt application in the section " My activities (+) - Start tracker ".
4. The participants of the event agree with the rules of use of the iWatt application and must therefore avoid fraudulent activities, which under the rules of fair play play by the iWatt application have the right to delete.
5. For activity to be counted, the length of the run or walk must be at least 1 km.
6. During the event, the participant may change the entity it supports by unsubscribing from it and applying to support another project.
7. Only activities synchronized during the event will be counted in the entities' accounts. iWatt application synchronization steps 5.11., to the subject's account will be added kilometers gained by walking from 4.11. Steps from 8.11., Which will not be measured as a separate activity and can be exchanged for iWatty until 9.11. will no longer count towards the entity's support. Therefore, we recommend 8.11. measure through application steps, walking and running as separate activities.



on-line from 2.11.2020 and for the entire duration of the run via the IWATT application directly on the smartphone or on the website
If you are interested in support, subjects can register at the email address:  

Results announcement:

This is a non-competitive event.

 Grant application:

From all applications, we will select  finalists from which the runners can then choose their favorite and support him with the mileage.
Grant applications can be submitted by non-profit organizations, foundations, civic associations, which support and help children in various forms, whether in the field of education, culture, sports, child care and health. The application must be submitted by sending an email ( with information about the applicant, purpose / program / project, which would be paid from the amount and approx. the budget of the project.

Age limit:
No age restrictions.

Entry fee:
Registering for the application and logging in to the run is free.

The results:
The organizer will publish it via within 48 hours after the end of the event

All information about the race will be continuously published on