Instructions and basic information 
Main organizer: Children & Future Bratislava n.o. in cooperation with BE COOL, s.r.o.
Term: 09.10.2019 – 13.10.2019
Place: Dvořákovo nábrežie, Bratislava, Slovenská republika
Time of event: 09.10.2019 from 12:00 a.m. – 13.10.2019 till 04:00 p.m.
Start of run: 09.10.2019 at 12:00 a.m., (start/finish – Dvořákovo nábrežie, square in River Park). The event lasts non-stop till Sunday 13.10.2019 till 04:00 p.m.
Track: 1,5 km, asphalt surface 
Time limit: illimitable
Participants limit: 3 000 participants


Rules: The competitor, after he/she gets the start number, can take part in the run each time from Wednesday 09.10.2019 from 12:00 a.m. till Sunday 13.10.2019 till do 04:00 p.m. and he/she can run a random distance.

For each kilometer of the run the organizer donates 1 € in favor of Children project of therapy playground. The competitor can take part in the run several times without the need to pay the start fee again however he/she has to use the undamaged start number he/she has got during the presentation. The start number is non-delegable and it can be used only by the runner, who has paid the start fee.


Main officials:
BE COOL s.r.o.
Director of the event: Peter Pukalovič
Sport director of the event: Erik Baláž
Chief arbiter: Tomáš Willwéber
Technical director and coordinator of the event: Jozef Pukalovič



on-line till 08.10.2019 via and
personally on Wednesday 09.10.2019 from 10:00 a.m. till Sunday 13.10.2019 till 04:00 p.m. in River Park (if the participants limit 3 0000 is not filled)
In case you want to pick up 10 and more start numbers, please send till 30.09.2019 the list with names of runners to the e-mail:
If you are interested in registering for MiddleCap 24H challenge, you must log in with max. 10 members under one competition team (for more information, see the MiddleCap 24H Challenge section).


Before the event you will get an e-mail with instructions and link to the document “Declaration of health state” which you have to print out, fill in and bring to the presentation (picking up of start package).

Before the event please check if your name is included in the start list. If not please contact us via e-mail: When picking up the start number (presentation) please, show-forth the “Confirmation of payment” which you will get to your e-mail address after successful payment.  


Presentation, picking up of start numbers: square in River Park

from Wednesday 09.10.2019 from 10:00 a.m. till Sunday 13.10.2019 till 04:00 p.m.

For detailed information please follow the news on the web site:


Results announcement:

This is a non-competitive event.
- Announced and awarded will be the first three men and women who run the most kilometers during the event.
- Awarded will be also a team with the most members. 
- The winning team in the MiddleCap 24H Challenge will also be awarded.


Age limit: Without age limit. If the participant is under 18 years old the Statement of health as well the agreement with participation in the event will be signed by the legal representative of the child. Without such an agreement the participation of the child will be not possible.


Start fee includes:               

start number, it is possible to run with it several times, in case of loss new registration is necessary,

refreshment in the finish zone, available 24 hours daily during the event,

SMS with the result time to your mobile phone,

changing rooms,

depository of personal belongings,

possibility to download the on-line diploma after the run,

participants T-shirt


Start fee (depends on the day of payment):              

5 €                payment till 30.09.2019

7 €               payment from 01.10.2019 till 08.10.2019 or directly during presentation

The entry fee is enough to pay once and the participant can run repeatedly. You still need your starting number. If the runner loses or destroys the number, it is necessary to register again.


Payment of start fee:

The only possibility is to pay with card - when registering on-line via payment terminal within the registration system on: and or, if the participants limit is not filled, directly during presentation (in this case also cash payment will be possible).

The start fee depends on the day of payment by card (it depends not on the day of registration in the registration system). When you pay with card within the registration system the payment is put down to the account immediately after the payment is realized and your name occurs in the list of registered participants.  

Absence – change of competitor:

Paid start fee will be not refunded.

All participants must have their individual health insurance (a standard one is sufficient) !!!. The organizer does not take responsibility for damages on property or health connected with traveling, stage or the participation of racers in the event. Each participant starts at one´s own liability and responsible for one´s health state at the moment of start. The organizer provides medical and rescue services.


During presentation each participant has to check the given health insurance (also in case one picks up the start package for another participant). Foreign participants must show the health insurance document or its copy. Without the proof of health insurance the start number will be not handed out even in case the participant has paid the start fee.


Time measurement:

The time is measured by chips and is provided by the VOS-TPK company. The chip is part of the start number.

There is no need to give it back it, together with the start number, belongs to the runner. In case you want to run during the 5 days several times, you have to bring your start number each time with you.



The results will be published by the end of the event on the sites: and afterwards on: The racers will be ordered in the result list according to the distance they have absolved during the whole event.


Changing rooms and depository:

The racers can use changing rooms as well as depository of personal belongings which will be situated in the technical zone close to start/finish.



Mobile toilets will be placed close to the start/finish area.



Parking for free will be possible on parking areas under the Lafranconi Bridge (approx. 500m from the start/finish area).


Medical service:

Medical and rescue services will be available in the start/finish area as well along the track.


The organizer Children&Future n.o. in cooperation with BE COOL, s.r.o. retain the right, if circumstances require it, to modify or nearly specify some information in these propositions. The Children&Future n.o. and BE COOL, s.r.o. further retain the right to cancel or interrupt the event or some of its disciplines in case of serious danger like war, unfriendly weather, terrorism or any other attack endangering the security of participants or in case of other unforeseeable vis maior factors. In such cases the runners have no entitlement to get the start or its part fee refunded because costs already arose while preparing the event in the time before its cancelling/interrupting. The organizer can however after evaluating all circumstances and costs compensate a part of start fee to the runners.


All information about the event will be published stepwise on sites: and

We are looking forward to you!!!